It was teetering on a pile of stones…

by | May 6, 2023

A friend of mine who lives in the Bitterroot mountains, was telling me about a barn she drives by every day.  It’s a very old barn and it has a lot of history.  Many generations have worked in this barn.

The newest owners of the property and barn wanted to preserve it.  But it wasn’t in the best of shape, so they kept patching it here and there.  They seemed to be in a constant state of patch, fix, repair.

No matter what they did, it didn’t seem to help much.  Problem was, one of the corners of the foundation was resting on a stack of stones.  A very wobbly, uncertain, stack of stones.

On top of that, the rain had washed away much of the foundation, so that eventually everything was resting on this corner and unstable pile of rocks.

No matter what they did to the sides of the barn or the roof of the barn, they risked it all crumbling.  No matter how they tried to take care of it, without attention and care given to the foundation, they risked things getting worse and falling apart.

Things did get worse.

That pile of stones fell apart and the whole, beautiful barn, full of character, and generations of history tumbled to the ground.

Your money story is one of the corners of your prosperous life.

You can look for a new career, try to make more time for your creative expression, or work harder on your business to create more prosperity.

And your money story can bring it all down.

Until you give attention to the foundation of your prosperous life, you risk being in a perpetual state of patch, fix, repair (that never really gets you any closer to your prosperous life).

The Heal Your Money Story Virtual Retreat is for healing the foundation of your prosperous life.

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This is the right thing for you if…

  • You know (or are curious) about the spiritual path to true prosperity
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  • You want to be able to start generating the income you truly desire
  • You know your gifts are meant to be shared with more impact
  • You want to start living into your true, brilliant expression
  • You want your creative soul to be nurtured and not crushed by making more money

This is especially for you if…

Your business isn’t bringing in the income you want
You’re not making the money you want in your job
You feel bad or scared when you look at your bank account
You feel frustrated and limited by what you don’t think you can afford

And if you’re not doing what feeds your prosperous spirit and strengthens your foundation (like traveling, purchasing something you want, taking time off, connecting with your loved ones, or nurturing your creative soul and brilliance), this retreat is what you need.

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