Let It Go, Let It Flow

by | Dec 19, 2017

The end of the year is an incredible time to “Let It Go and Let It Flow.”

What do you want to let go of from this past year?

What would you like to have flowing into your life in the new year?

Let It Go, Let It Flow” is the theme of my upcoming online group healing session which is happening on Friday, December 29th at 2:00pm EST.

(If you can’t join us live on the call, you can watch the video recording and still receive the benefits.)

“Let it Go, Let it Flow” was the mantra I used backstage before every performance of “The Monomyth,” a solo I created and premiered earlier this year in New York.

Performance has always taught me that we can set our intentions and do all the work to make a show happen, and then when the moment of performance arrives, we have to surrender and trust all the work we’ve done and just “let it go and let it flow.”

This non-attachment is key to creating a powerful performing experience AND a powerful life experience.

As many a wise sage has said over the course of humanity:

Attachment is our greatest form of suffering.

So join in on the collective power of so many of us who are reflecting back on 2017, setting some intentions for the new year, letting go and opening our hands to see how the universe presents all of its gifts to us.

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The following video explains how online healing works and the benefits of working in a group context. As always, there’s a formula you can tap out for yourself at the end.

Please be in touch with any questions and share this with another amazing being you know who would love to join us.

Thanks, love, and happiest holidays to you!


Intro Support to “Let It Go, Let It Flow”


This work is explained in the video, along with information on Group and Distant or Online Healing.


1)   Active Memory, Fear of losing what we know
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2)   Hearing, subtle sense (all the voices that keep us right where we are) anchored to individuation in the heart
linking to
strengthening and neutralizing our relationship to “adventure”
linking to
I allow my body to “unhook”



And remember, it always helps to Tap Out Your Cortices!
You can do it along with the video, teach a friend, or have someone else tap out your Cortices. Enjoy!
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