Self-Love, Keep It Simple

by | Feb 4, 2018

Written on Monday, January 22, 2018

I’m going to keep this newsletter honest and simple.

Mostly, I’m writing to remind you about my online group session “Self-Love: Step 1”. This happened on Monday, January 29th at 3:30pm EST, and you can still purchase the recording HERE.

I would love for you to join this second online group session! Watching the video recording is just as effective as being there live.

Secondly, and in the spirit of self-love, I’ve realized that instead of continuing to sit here this evening searching for the next perfect thing to write, I need to get some rest, make a good dinner, and let my system reset before tomorrow.

I’m writing this in Salt Lake City, where I’ve been invited to teach, speak, and perform at the University of Utah Dance Department’s Wellness Immersion Week. We just finished Day 1.

We focused on how to connect to the inner wisdom we all have that has our best interests in mind.

This inner wisdom tunes you into your self-love.

It was amazing to see so many young dancers take this on today with vulnerability and courage.

Currently, my inner wisdom is saying:

get off your computer
give yourself some down time
go to sleep

Sometimes self-love likes to keep it simple.

Watch the video recording of Self-Love: Step 1 to support deepening a loving relationship with yourself.

From this wellspring of inner care, we connect, align, and serve ourselves and the world around us.

Can you allow yourself a moment today to tune into the deep wisdom that you already have?

Sometimes it’s as simple as:
taking a breath in
letting it out
feeling that in your body

Please feel free to share this with a friend or loved one who would find this work helpful.

Be in touch and have a beautiful day!

Sending love,

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