Taking the shame out of healing

by | Jan 16, 2018

What happens to you when you consider asking for help in healing some part of yourself?

Do you slip into a self-critical “I-have-something-wrong-with-me” complex? Do you feel your body literally get smaller? Or maybe your tone of voice shifts as if you’ve just entered the confessional. Or the boxing ring. We all have our go-to’s.

I’ve seen these reactions so often with many clients and have also known them all in myself.

Sometimes even if we think we’re all good with the “healing” process, there are still some smidgens of programming that equate healing, helping yourself, or seeking help with…

I am bad.
I am wrong.
I am broken.

Those are powerful statements.

Simply bringing them out in the open and writing them down like that can open up a space for reflection.

You might notice the “charge” these statements hold. Or maybe there’s a sense of relief as you acknowledge and soften the grip they’ve had on some part of you.

Those statements are all just belief systems. They are not you.

Working with the BodyTalk system and other energy modalities has allowed me to see that we humans are a composite of data, belief systems, and experiences, from our own lives and beyond, and that most of this is outside of our control.

So your issues are not as personal as you would like to think. (Sorry ego!)

Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you simply have a broken link (or belief system) that needs updating, like fixing a computer program.

Learning to see your “issues” with objectivity is a practice that allows you to curiously engage with what’s there, rather than adding an unnecessary layer of shaming or beating yourself up.

This mentality creates more compassion for yourself and consequently, everybody else in the world.

It brings light and tenderness to the wounded parts of yourself that you may try to hide.

And it gives you a lot more time to enjoy life, since you’re not spending time and energy ashamed or embarrassed about having something “wrong” with yourself!

Most of us have something in our lives we would like to release, change, or improve. It might be time to bring that out into the light, shame-free.

Share it with someone else, from the depth of your vulnerability, presence, and curiosity. (Remember, no boxing rings or confessionals!)

You may be surprised by how much more you can relate to the other person and yourself.

A response that I heard from so many people after my recent online group session was that they were able to find resonance for themselves in the issues that came up, even if the treatment was focused specifically on one participant.

We are connected and sharing experiences in more ways than we realize.

With love,

Read and tap in this formula below, and if you need to go a step deeper:
Join me for Self-Love: Step 1 on Monday, January 29th.

 Session for Taking the Shame Out Of Healing

Let yourself be seen, fully.
If judgement pops up, let yourself see it.
No judgement.
If shame surfaces, let it be there.
Accepting and seeing are when change begins.



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Belief System: “It is Safe to Receive Love”

Tap gently over your head brain, your heart center, and your gut brain (around your navel) as you take deep breaths.

As you tap, connect to your stomach, right there at your solar plexus area. Your stomach helps you to literally and metaphorically digest life, allowing you to experience what is, rather than rejecting or denying your experiences. Connect this to “It is Safe to Receive Love,” taking that in and digesting it, as a means for letting shame take a back seat in your life experience.

Repeat out loud 5 times with some deep breaths:  “It is Safe to Receive Love.”

Let this soften any pride, defenses, shame, or embarrassment about where you are in your life in this very moment.

Breathe in the perfection of that, and then exhale and let it go.

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