The “Good News” Approach to Health

by | Sep 20, 2017

We have become too used to looking for “what’s wrong.”

It is the basis of our healthcare system in the form of diagnosis.

In July, I heard Lonny Jarret, internationally regarded scholar, teacher, and practitioner of Chinese medicine, speak at the International BodyTalk Conference. He said the modern version of a voodoo curse is a diagnosis.

It concretizes the idea that there is something “wrong.”

It prescribes a pathway to engage with what is “wrong.”

It also implies that there is “right” way of doing, being and existing.

I feel there is a whole other way to approach how we view illness and wellness that instead engages with possibility.

What if your “symptoms” could be seen as reminders that your whole being is geared to direct you towards your highest potential?

What if we opened up to how this potential might manifest itself in our lives?

My BodyTalk training from the very start has been about connecting to what is ready to shift into higher states of balance and harmony.

The focus is on allowing health/potential to surface from your deepest innate wisdom, which is found through the use of muscle testing.

Your body is able to clearly dictate its unique needs. This is GOOD NEWS!

Once we tap in the formulas, YOUR body starts to do the healing in the way it knows best.

As your practitioner, I am committed to the integrity of possibility in life, in all of its presentations, miracles, ups and downs.

I absolutely love doing this work because I have the privilege of witnessing and honoring your wisdom and transformation.

If you know someone who would benefit from my work, please feel free to share this and send them my way. I’m making a lot more time for sessions in the upcoming months.

Please be in touch to book a session or with any questions or comments.

I always look forward to engaging with the “good news” in our sessions together.

Love and gratitude,

Group Formula for POSSIBILITY!

1. Active Memory, Fear of “not following the rules”

Tap gently over your head brain, your heart center, and your gut brain (around your navel) as you take deep breaths.

Focus on releasing fear around the “rules of health,” especially those that are not serving your true health. This will open up space for other possibilities for wellness.

2. Hydration and Lymph
linking to
Bladder and an Emotional Release of Fear from the Bladder

As you tap over your head, heart and gut, focus on how hydration and water support connections and “juiciness.” Your body runs on water! See your lymph nodes pulling out waste and debris. The bladder keeps the water passageways of the lower body are open and free. Releasing fear will support the bladder’s “natural consciousness” of gentleness and support. Allow your body/mind to gently take on a new way of relating to health.

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