You now have a lifetime membership

by | Jul 3, 2021

This is how I like to think about personal growth…

You have a lifetime membership for this journey.

As soon as you hit one milestone, the next one appears.

It doesn’t stop. And that’s the beauty of it.

This weekend I’m leading 10 incredible, creative professionals through a transformational journey at Dancing Spirit Ranch in Montana. In-person!!

Most have been in my Meditate-Move-Heal subscription program or done one of my specialized group courses or private coaching.

All of them are courageous!

I want to share 2 life tools we’re working on here that will always help you show up as your best in your life or business…

1 – Find someone who helps you know who YOU are: One of the amazing things I learned from one of my great teachers, Chrysa Parkinson, is how to set up situations where YOU are your best teacher. Someone isn’t telling you what to do, but rather setting up environments where you learn more about yourself. (Maybe it’s also the Montessori in me!)

The authentic you is allowed to shine.

This is so important because…


You can’t have true success and fulfillment in your life unless you know who you truly are.


So surround yourself with people who celebrate YOU and the discovery of YOU!

Which leads me to my next point…

2 – Find someone who helps you question who YOU are: One of the greatest things a teacher, coach, or mentor can do is help you move beyond the limited ideas of who you think you are because…

When you want to grow and expand, YOU will resist. That’s a given.

You won’t want to have a necessary, honest conversation or let go of an old story from your past.

As a business owner you’ll resist promoting yourself and your business, investing in yourself, making decisions, or doing sales… ewwww!

I have grown to really love sales, which I never thought I’d say in my life!

I surround myself with people who believe in me and my vision and help me grow into a fuller version of myself.

So find people who can see through the limiting stories you tell yourself about who you think you are and guide you to become the person who can manifest your vision.

Finally, remember this is a lifetime membership.

Once you find the right teacher or support groups, dive in and go all the way.

Your highest self and all the people you love will thank you for it!

Whenever you’re ready to do this work with me, let’s go! Here are two ways to start:

1 – Subscribe to Meditate-Move-Heal TODAY.
2 – Fill out an application for private coaching + healing work.

With love,

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