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Your body and mind are capable of miracles



Take a journey that will change your life

Energy and consciousness based medicine can bring about profound and lasting changes in mental, emotional and physical health. The BodyTalk system uses muscular bio-feedback to find your body’s priorities for healing, thereby effecting change at the root cause of an issue. Light tapping on the body is then used to harmonize your body’s communication systems and enable self-healing.

As a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, I look forward to supporting you on this journey of well-being and health empowerment. BioGeometry®, SourcePoint Therapy and other modalities will be incorporated as needed, so that you leave the session receiving the best combination for you. The work is suitable for adults, children and babies, and sessions are done in-person or remotely via phone or Skype. I also offer group workshops, lectures and community work.

Individual Sessions

All Individual Sessions Include:

* Initial intake       * Option to record the session for future reference       * Take-home tools for integration        *Recommended follow-up date        * One email exchange for support, questions or feedback

All Individual Sessions Include:


  • Initial intake
  • Option to record the session for future reference
  • Take-home tools for integration
  • Recommended follow-up date
  • One email exchange for support, questions or feedback

In-Person Sessions Manhattan

60 min In-Person Manhattan – $160

1 hour in-person Healing Session

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90 min In-Person Manhattan – $220

1.5 hour in-person Healing Session

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In-Person Sessions Brooklyn

60 min In-Person Brooklyn – $160

1 hour in-person Healing Session

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90 min In-Person Brooklyn – $220

1.5 hour in-person Healing Session

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Distant Sessions

Phone Session - $160

1 hour Healing Session via phone or Skype

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Completely Remote Session - $125

This Healing Session is done via email

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Session Packages

3 (60-min) Sessions – $435

Includes three 60-minute sessions, in-person or over the phone

Must be used within 6 months.

How do distant sessions work?

For detailed information on distant sessions and more, visit the FAQ Page

Community BodyTalk

Individual sessions, done in a community setting at a reduced cost

30-min BodyTalk session – $40

$25 with Medicaid or Medicare

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“I’m certain your work contributed to my very happy birth experience.”

I love the work you do so much and I was happy to reconnect to it and you. So grateful.

-Anna Carapetyan, Doula, Brooklyn, NY

Criteria for Working Together

Curiosity & commitment

You are committed to paying attention in your life, relationships and work. What feels good and what changes do you wish to make?


You are ready to stop fighting your life and to experience more harmony, which happens when the body, mind and spirt are balanced.

Doing the Work

You apply your insights and take-home tools from sessions. Life has its ups and downs, and this work supports acceptance and courage, making the ride a whole lot easier.


You know that being in touch with questions and feedback is part of the journey to health empowerment, and that I am here to help you connect to your best potential.

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