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You are a powerful being. Period.

There’s an incredible energy inside you that wants to move, focus, and express through YOU. When you learn how to direct this energy, you have the power to transform your career, relationships, wealth, and body into exactly what you desire.

As your Personal Transformation Partner, I help you identify what’s holding you back and exactly what will move you forward. My private coaching, group programs, speaking, in-person retreats, and teaching are designed to give you the space, tools, and guidance to be the powerful creator that you are.

What clients are saying

“Michelle is masterful in recognizing the blocks (emotional, energetic, practical) that we put between ourselves and our goals and establishing a clear and grounded plan for the work to make your dream a reality. Having made the transition to full-time self-employment, I regularly use the tools I gained to prioritize my action steps, observe my reactions, and work clearly with the energetics of money.”

Leah Nguyen

Artist Healer, @planetpaintpeople

“Learn how to become the authority in your life… lovingly and boldly”

Our Journey Begins…


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Set up the environment for change

What and who you surround yourself with are key to transforming your life. You can start working with Michelle TODAY and develop the awareness, courage, and tools that will keep you on track toward your goals. You’ll join a community of big-hearted creatives, who are dedicated to their growth, spirituality, big dreams, and the people and things they love.

Michelle offers free workshops throughout the year and occasional special topic courses. Make sure you’re on our email list to stay informed!


Private coaching

Let’s do a deep-dive!

With private coaching, you have Michelle’s full support and attention to clarify your vision, identify your unique strengths, and break through patterns that are holding you back. You receive customized guidance to get you to exactly where you want to be in your career, relationships, prosperity, and overall happiness. If you’re tired of being stuck and falling short of success, you can work directly with Michelle to change that story and claim the beautiful life that is your birthright and your gift.

What clients are saying

“I was stagnant, miserable, and injured and since starting our work, have healed and grown (in more ways than one). I escaped my dead end job, I’ve made a move I’d been planning for years, I’ve opened my dream business, and I’m feeling grounded and joyful day to day. Can’t argue with those results! Michelle helped me unlock the keys to myself, a journey that I’m sure will continue to unfold for years to come, and the cascade of beautiful shifts in my life since beginning this work has been awe inspiring for me.”

Hannah Rae

“This is creative heart building, empowering you to claim your true desires.”

What clients are saying

“I don’t know how Michelle does what she does, but it works. She can identify things that you want shifted, in a way you may not have been able to articulate. And, she does it with so much compassion that you really feel safe.”

Laura G.

Durham, NC

Are you ready for your transformation?

Transforming your life takes courage. Michelle helps you build your trust and confidence, so you can manifest miracles in your life. All you have to do is say YES! And… here are a few more tips:


You’re willing to honestly examine your life, relationships, and work–to take a microscopic look at how you’re an active agent and the sole creator of your reality. Your personal growth is top priority.


You’re ready to stop fighting your life and to experience more harmony, which happens when the mind, body, and spirit are aligned. You welcome the journey of relinquishing control to gain new understandings and experiences.


You show up! You actively apply your insights and complete your Action Steps. Life has its ups and downs, and you know your commitment, acceptance, and courage help you overcome the barriers that hold you back.


You know that being in touch with questions and feedback is part of the journey to total empowerment, and that Michelle is here to help you connect to your best potential. You embrace being open and vulnerable, which teaches you how to be empowered everyday. You know this intense personal work leads to more love, joy, and fun!

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